Why do my fingers click?

Clicking in your finger joints is very common and does not indicate that you are doing damage to your joint or mean you are causing arthritis. The more often we move our joints the healthier they are. It is likely you will be encouraged to move your joints regularly despite the clicking if you see a doctor or physiotherapist.

Should I stop working because of my pain?

It is unlikely your healthcare professional will recommend you take time off work. This is because we know you are more likely to recover sooner by keeping moving and using your hand. Sometimes you will need to modify what you do for a short while.

Do I need to wear a wrist or thumb support?

It is unlikely this will improve your recovery as a support will often reduce movement at your joint and make it more prone to pain and stiffness. It can be helpful if it increases your confidence to get back to certain activities but this should only be used for a short period of time and then reduce how much you use the splint or support.

Have I broken a bone?

The best way to predict if a bone in the wrist or hand has been fractured (broken) is if you have experienced:

  • A trauma to the area
  • Immediate pain when you try to move your hand or wrist.
  • Immediate pain when you try to touch the area.
  • Immediate pain when you try to grip objects.

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Certain people are more at risk of a broken bone (fracture), if you suffer from medical condition such as diabetes or osteoporosis, take certain medications such as steroids or are a smoker.

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