What will I need to do to book an appointment?

After being placed on the PIFU pathway, to book a follow up appointment, you will need to email our Care Co-Ordination Centre (CCC) on provide.askus@nhs.net and include the following information:

      • Your full name
      • Your NHS Number (if known)
      • Your address
      • The service you require (eg Physiotherapy)
      • Preferred appointment type (eg face-to-face or video)

You will then receive a link via SMS, email or call from the CCC asking you to book your PIFU follow up appointment online, if possible, with your physiotherapist.  Once you receive the link you will be able to look through the upcoming free PIFU appointments and book one that works for you, preferably with the physiotherapist you have previously seen if available.  You can call the CCC if you cannot do this via email or access the online booking portal on 03001310111.

When should I not use PIFU?

If you experience any symptoms which require urgent medical advice you should contact your GP  or phone 111.

How long does PIFU last?

Your PIFU plan will last for a specific amount of time which will be explained to you by your physiotherapist. You will be able to book at PIFU appointment if you feel you need one. If you need an appointment after your PIFU timeframe, you will need a new referral which can be done via the online self-referral platform or your GP.

What if I do not need an appointment?

If you feel that you do not require an appointment then you do not need to contact the CCC. Your physiotherapist will explain how long it will last and when you will be discharged.

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